A Darker Shade of Red

A chick has gone missing, and Mulder is on the case. He arrives at the last place she was seen, a worn down motel. Will he solve the case, and find the missing chick? Only you can help him.

A Darker Shade of Red is a fully voiced, jazzy noir point-and-click adventure game, filled to the brim with dark humor and shady characters. Help the private investigator Mulder solve the case, by exploring the old motel, helping the residents and ultimately confront the antagonist.

The visual style is gritty, and dark, with a touch of noir. The story is twisting and grim. How far will you go to find your chick?
Don your notebook, a glass of whiskey and your spyglass and go hunting. It’s time to crack the case!

A Darker Shade of Red is Nickname Studio’s first production, and we are very excited to share our creation with you. The game is built and optimized for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but we are in the process of testing for other platforms.

The game is free, and we hope you will have as much fun playing it, as we had developing it.

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  • Gameplay
  • Sound
  • Software Architecture
  • QA Responsible

Code Specs

C#, Unity, Scrum


Morten B. Zachariassen (Game Director), Emil Nygaard (Game Designer), Martin Vestergaard (Level Designer), Alessandro Dal Corso (Lead Programmer), Martin Nyborg Thomson (Programmer), Rene Mouritsen (Programmer), Sergio Rodriguez Barrientos (Programmer), Thomas Lindegaard Madsen (Programmer), Tudor Berechet (Programmer), Xin Ding (Art Director), Sølvi Dunn Snæbjörnsson (Visual Designer), Michael Erwall (Lead Animator), Jannik Randrup (CG Artist), Nicoline Lind (CG Artist), Peter Lambek (CG Artist), Per Beck Hansen (Audio Designer and Composer), Ida Oberg (Project Manager), Joshua Elliott (Voice Actor), Juan Esteban Forero (Voice Actor), Nick Nøstbakken (Voice Actor), Anders Christensen (QA), Bo Wunderlich Jensen (QA), Dorte Rasmussen (QA), Mike Thomson (QA)

Dev Duration

11/13 – 12/13


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Xin Ding made these sweet character concepts together with Sølvi Dunn Snæbjörnsson.