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Bachelor Thesis – Simulating Swarm Intelligence

My Bachelor thesis is about swarm intelligence, specifically about how information verification and its transport from member to member in a swarm influences how well the swarm functions and gathers information.

The test swarms are implemented in Unity. There are three test swarms which behave differently – in the first swarm, no information is exchanged between members, the only information a member has is self-gathered. In the second swarm, members only rely on information which is very certain – they do not take gossip into account too strongly and rather act on information gathered by themselves. However, there is active information exchange between swarm members. In the third swarm, members act on all the information they can get, be it gossip or self-gathered.

The success of a swarm is measured by the amount of “hungry” birds in it. Swarms were tested, measured and compared with a focus on the amount of hungry birds, of duplicate information, and more.

For the exact results about which swarm performed best, please refer to the thesis (download link on the right).

Code Specs

C#, Unity, LaTeX

Dev Duration

02/12 – 06/12


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