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Expeditions: Viking

The sequel to Expeditions: Conquistador. Strategical, turn-based combat paired with exploration and extensive dialogue system to talk with friends and strangers. Your answers during dialogue determine your future. Raiding villages or trading with them, your morals colliding with your followers’ ideals – how you handle difficult situations changes your possible options for the future. Choose your weapons, skills, and followers carefully – you will have to rely on them when you are cornered by enemies and pressured by allies.

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  • Programming:
    • UI System design & implementation
    • Gameplay feature design & implementation
    • Tool programming
    • Performance analysis & improvements
    • First Combat prototype implemenation
    • Build Engineering (Jenkins)
  • QA Management:
    • QA Team Management and Intern Supervision
    • User Testing
    • Automated User Tracking
    • Workflow improvements

At Logic Artists, I was responsible for Gameplay Programming and QA Management at the same time. It was a challenge to keep the two balanced, but with the help of a very structured organized workflow I did a great job.