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Tap That Spell!

Tap That Spell is a game about a wizard’s apprentice, who steals the wizard’s spell book. The mighty wizard wants to retrieve the book, and has to defeat many enemies along the way.
The wizard remembers one spell, and luckily he finds some pages from the book along the way which help him defeat the dragon-pigs, and the evil brooms. Players have to combine these spells to create new ones and to ultimately reach the apprentice. In the end, the player can fight against the apprentice in an epic boss-fight.

This game has been created during five intense days in a team of 17 people. We found each other through DADIU, a 1-semester programme for enthusiastic students from very different disciplines (movies, games, informatics).

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  • gameplay
  • sound
  • user interface

Code Specs

C#, Unity, Scrum


Morten B. Zachariassen (Game Director), Emil Nygaard (Game Designer), Martin Vestergaard (Level Designer), Alessandro Dal Corso (Lead Programmer), Martin Nyborg Thomson (Programmer), Rene Mouritsen (Programmer), Sergio Rodriguez Barrientos (Programmer), Thomas Lindegaard Madsen (Programmer), Tudor Berechet (Programmer), Xin Ding (Art Director), S&oouml;lvi Dunn Snæbjörnsson (Visual Designer), Michael Erwall (Lead Animator), Jannik Randrup (CG Artist), Nicoline Lind (CG Artist), Peter Lambek (CG Artist), Per Beck Hansen (Audio Designer and Composer), Ida Oberg (Project Manager), Joshua Elliott (Voice Actor), Juan Esteban Forero (Voice Actor), Nick Nøstbakken (Voice Actor), Anders Christensen (QA), Bo Wunderlich Jensen (QA), Dorte Rasmussen (QA), Mike Thomson (QA)

Dev Duration

One week in September 2013


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