The London Shadow

Made for 4 – 6 players, this game wants to bring social play from the virtual to the real world. In industrial London, villagers need to survive dark times. Bravely, you set out to build lamps in all of London, but one of you is a Shadow. Only team-work and keen analysis skills can shed light on this dangerous secret – before the Shadow has converted the rest of your fellows!


  • shader programming
  • gameplay programming
  • git admin

Code Specs

C#, Unity, Scrum


Astrid Lamhauge (project management, game design), Benjamin Ma (gameplay programming, sound design), Casper Bøje (concept art, 3D art), Emil Nygaard (art lead, 3D art), Oliver Lønberg (lead game design, concept art), Peter Ølsted (programming lead, network programming), Katrine Kiilerich Poulsen (3D animation, 3D art)

Dev Duration

02/13 – 05/13


Download Game Works in LAN, needs at least two players.